Tesla Power India Launches Refurbished battery brand Restore

Tesla Power India today announced the launch of ReStore, Which it said is India’s first and foremost refurbished battery brand. The company is planning to launch 5000 “ReStore Battery Refurbishing Centers” in India by 2025 (500 of which are already operational).

Tesla Power India Launches Refurbished battery brand Restore

Significantly extends the lifespan of all types of Lead acid batteries, including tall tubular inverter batteries and UPS VRLA batteries, offering a cost-effective solution that can extend the battery's life by 1 to 2 years by refurbishing them. The refurbished batteries under the brand name of “ReStore” will be sold to the customer at almost half of the cost of a new inverter battery along with warranty, the company sais.

"The launch of this brand “ReStore” is in compliance with the “Battery Waste Management Rules 2022” wherein the CPCB has recognized Battery Refurbishing as an approved business activity. This change in the policy and rules will open up a new service industry and approximately 30,000 battery refurbishment centers are expected to open up in India giving employment opportunities to more than 1 Lac people," Tesla Power India said in a release.

Tesla Power India said approximately 10 crore lead acid batteries are scrapped and replaced every year in India, costing Rs.40,000 crore to the Indian economy. Hence, the company added, its refurbished battery business will "addresses both economic strain from battery replacements and environmental hazards linked to improper disposal, and complying to the Indian government's commitment to promote circular economy and sustainability through innovative battery waste management policy".

Speaking on the launch of ReStore, Kavinder Khurana, Managing Director of Tesla Power India, said, “ReStore is not just a refurbished battery brand; it's also a solution for employment generation in a new battery service industry, which will contribute to a sustainable environment. By offering affordable refurbished batteries with performance warranty, we aim to not only redefine the market but also to train the micro and small entrepreneurs on our Electro-chemical battery enhancement process (EBEP technology) which has been proven as a game-changer, as we have already refurbished more than 3 Lac batteries using our proprietary technology”, said Mr. Khurana.

Source ET news